Coach Rodica Obancea

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Master Certified Coach (MCC),
Executive & Team Coaching

I like to be the spark that ignites the vision in people, leaders and teams, to reach the potential you cannot dare to aspire. I like to be the challenger of transformation that leaders choose together with their teams. I like to contribute to creating a shared vision of the entire organization and this to become the “conspiracy” that makes you change the present reality – your commitment will make journey a learning one! I like to accompany you on the path you choose to put into practice new behaviours, new different strategies that you might otherwise ignored or would have said about “that doesn’t work here!”. And finally, I like to look at how you work together and tell myself “I knew they were worth the trust“. I like to see the joy on your faces and the satisfaction that you will always find ways to learn together: how to be better, how to achieve ambitious results, how to be more innovative, more agile or perhaps more demanding in your collaboration.



  • Do you believe you can reinvent yourself? Can Executive Coaching accompany you jump to the desired level of leadership? I believe that YES, IT CAN! Executive Coaching or 1-on-1 coaching for directors, managers, entrepreneurs who are committed to challenging themselves to lead according to their potential. Face-to-face, over the phone or Skype, periodically or whenever you need, for a few minutes, one or a few hours, you are setting the context and rhythm that best serves you.
  • Do you think your team can achieve higher results with less effort? Can Team Coaching change team dynamics to increase measurable performance? I believe YES, IT CAN! Team coaching is a process that puts members in front of a commitment to a vision, a common aspiration. This commitment will be the framework within which the team will put new strategies into practice, different behaviours, different operating modes to achieve new, relevant and sustainable results.