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I’ve been working as a coach since 2007 with clients from various companies among Consultancy, Pharma, Retail, Logistics, Automotive, Publishing, Insurance and Brokerage, Energy, Marketing, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, FMCG, banking, tech, IT&C… During these years, I have coached more than 300 leaders and over 50 teams to put into practice the changes they needed to achieve the results they really wanted. I have partner in coaching projects with executives and teams from companies like Adobe Romania, Actavis, Sindan Pharma, Lafarge/CRH, Bristol –Myerrs Squibb, Danfoss Heating, Mega Image, Rompetrol, Romsys, Roto Frank, Sabif, Ewopharma, Coca Cola HBC, Michelin, Somaco Prefabricate, Grup Servicii Petroliere, Cargill, Extend Studio, The Hub Partners, Roche Diagnostics, Carrefour, Schneider Electric, Skanska, Icepronav Engineering, Hanner RD, Vivre, Dupont/Pioneer, Accace, Servier Pharma, ING Bank, ING Tech, NN, Libra Bank, OTP Bank, Yonder and many projects with entrepreneurs.

My first dream for my career was to be a psychologist. I studied psychology thoroughly, practiced it and I can say it was a dream come true. I have been a psychologist with both private and organizational practice since 2000, focusing on training and developing personal and professional skills. After that I was mesmerized by the organizational world, by the way right people at the right place can make entire companies perform very well. I have appreciated working with ambitious managers who could influence the lives of people around them. From 2005 until the beginning of 2008, I worked as a Human Resources Manager at Real – Hypermarket, a member of the Metro Group.

Though I have been deeply fascinated by the experience of being part of an organization and thus contributing to my results, over time I have realized that my vocation is to be “on the edge of organizations”, to witness the dynamics and underlying structures of an organization, teams or leaders and the most valuable position for me was to be a coach.