When we want different results, we need to put in practice different actions.

The change in team dynamics and
achieved results can begin!

Imagine you have the best team in your industry! What is the vision you can co-create together? What ambitious results can you achieve together? What challenges can you face together?

Read here how a team has changed its mindset and dynamics achieving sustainable results.

Your change in the direction
you want can begin now!

Imagine you are the leader you want to be! What impact can you have on the lives of the people around you? How about on the life of the organization and the community where you are working? What results can we create together?

Read here the story of a leader who dared to dream, although he didn’t have time to dream.

Do you believe in your team’s potential?

Team Coaching can help you have a different dynamic
and collaboration, to achieve ambitious results!


Our next level , personal and proffesional, is in our imagination, first.  Having a vision means creation and action, in the same time, in its direction. As a coach I will be your partner to define the vision that inspires and motives you, to act in new ways, honoring your full potencial.

Profound change

There are key moments when we chose to change and there are changes that choose us. As a coach I am your partner to put in practice the desired changes, integrating the lessons that are useful in your development, so as to maximize your personal and professional potential!

Personal mastery

I think every person is a master at something. Some are masters in several. Coaching is a process of continuous learning and change, meant to help you make your personal mastery visible and enjoy its fruits.

Sustenabile results

The sustainability of the results achieved, personally and collectively, is one of the key aspects of profound change, personal mastery and vision. As a coach, my commitment is to measurable, sustainable, intelligent results.

Coaching partnerships

I started my coaching activity in 2007 and since then I am the coaching partner for executives, directors, managers, entrepreneurs as well as management teams, sales teams, procurement teams, finance and logistics, teams of ambitious cross-cutting projects, organizations and departments, to achieve the results they really want.

Case studies

Among the leaders of an important market company, Raluca * was one of the most influential. Determined and direct, she always knew how to deal...

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The transition from a local director role to a regional role, where the contribution is at the level of the results of a few countries, is a challenge that demands new skills.

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