Personal coaching philosophy

Coach Rodica Obancea > Personal coaching philosophy

Coaching has entered my life naturally and has been a way of doing business and a way of living for me since then. For me, coaching doesn’t mean following a set of techniques or asking smart questions, it is more about how I approach business and life: I focus on the objectives, the results and potential of the client, person or team. I keep my mind of suppositions, assumptions and interpretations, I am present and trusting the client’s vision and the process that serves manifesting vision.

I believe that learning is a continuous process also with personal mastery development – they are the foundation of my practice. I have a commitment to a sustainable, ethical and ecological coaching practice, which for me is to coach and train myself with different coaches in Romania and abroad, to spend time for supervision and mentoring, but also to continue to be curious about new ways of being present a coach.

I am very grateful that the coaching profession has taught me so far “that a step in the client’s world is a step in my own.”


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