From the “defensive” sales strategy to “aggressive” hunting strategy

From the “defensive” sales strategy to “aggressive” hunting strategy

The organizational context and the objectives of the coaching process: a sales and produce distribution organization in the construction and design industry, aimed to grow business, becoming a sales centered organization. The global organization has redefined its geographic presence policy so that in each country the local organization becomes a “sales organization” sustained by shared support departments. The sales team in Romania contracted a team coaching process aimed at training the sales team in order to move from a “defensive” strategy based on a passive presence on this market in which customers were calling and requesting the organization’s products to an “Offensive strategy”, agile, based on partnerships with clients, a win-win strategy, that would allow an increase of the commercial margin in Romania, given the minimization of the allocated budget.

The training of the team consisted in assuming a joint commitment to being a “sales force” – a commitment that brought the change of behaviour in the relations with the teammates, in the relations with the clients and in relations with all the other employees from other support departments. In the coaching process, sales representatives were aware that they needed to collaborate, to support each other and be stronger in their demands more than other colleagues in other departments. They learned that they needed to listen to customer needs and build together with them in order to achieve common goals. In 6 months since the start of the coaching project, the repositioning of the sales team was very visible: the sales manager had unconditional support from his superiors, seeing his commitment and the team’s to achieve the desired results and managed to hire new people on the team, even though all of the jobs had been blocked. At the end of the year, the team reached the budgeted results.

The following year, I continued with several individual coaching sessions with the sales manager to reinforce the implemented strategy.

The sales team showed that it made a significant leap – they exceeded the budget assumed at the beginning of the year by over 20%, bringing 1 new man to the team, without any old team member leaving and with the same focus on minimum costs.



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