Who wants change?

Who wants change?

The organizational context and the objectives of the coaching process: a Romanian organization that activated in production, but also had a side product service, whose General Manager wanted a superior level of performance, at the management level first and then at the level of the entire organization. The company was a market leader and had been for years on a high performance level in the sense that it had consistently produced good results within the set goals and resources available. The CEO realized he had a choice to make – stay at the level of satisfaction that was not sustainable on the long run or make a change that would bring more sustainability in the way the company operated but also in its results. It was rather a choice between following his intuition that was telling him that the potential of the firm was bigger and the business logic, which was telling him that “if something goes well, one should not ruin that thing.”

He and his team chose to make the change. So they contracted a 9-month team coaching process. At the same time, the general manager chose to work with an executive coach to be a model for change. As a team, they worked together to give a voice to their vision about the future and share it with the whole organization, a process that meant that together they would honestly answer a few simple questions. The answer to one of the questions revealed was that the way they were referring to the organization was not one that best served its potential. They looked at the organization as a structure designed to produce and sell to customers, but realized that they would actually serve a better structure to serve “the quantity and quality of the projects they were running in partnership with customers.” Thus, they thought of a vision that motivated them to exceeding themselves and they thought out a different organizational design centered on the quantity and quality of the projects carried out with their clients. They have understood together that they were part of a project-centered organization and, fundamentally, through the projects implemented with their clients, they would make a significant contribution to the way our and their families, the whole community enjoy a few important products and services.

At the closure of the team coaching project, the progress of the management team was visible: a new dynamic in management team meetings, increased managerial agility, focusing on efficiency, participatory solutions and commitment of all managers, simplification of the managerial process without this impact having a negative impact in business results delivered month by month according to the budget.


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