I am an active contributor to reinventing leadership in Romania and building organizational cultures where leaders and specialists learn together how to create the results they desire. Here you will find written and video resources on subjects concerning leadership, teamwork, healthy organizational culture but also a series of events that I am involved in and which may also interest you.

Are you part of a team and want to contribute to creating team’s success? Invite them to learn together how to create the results you really want – a few concrete options to learn together you will find in the E-book “Smart Work”

Are you looking for a team where you feel challenged to give your best? I am inviting you to contribute to creating this team: how can you be the one who invites your colleagues to learn together?

Are you looking for collaborative learning solutions with your colleagues, through which your talents are used to their full potential?

Team work, team learning, collaborative work, personal and professional growth together with others are not skills that we see promoted or developed very often these days. In the organizational environment, competition and individual success are still very relevant – from my perspective, our ability to achieve the desired results by using only what we know and what we can do is valuable, but it is limited to our personal time and power. Working and learning with others has the potential to create new results, high performance, innovation, but also satisfaction and joy due to well-done work – this way of living and collaborative work can transform us as professionals, as people who create value.

I am inspired by Michel Jordan’s words “talent helps you win the game but teamwork and intelligence helps you win championships” and for those who are interested in creating teams in which they learn together how to create ambitious results that make them proud of their work, I have written some ideas from my coaching practice with teams from various industries and with various missions and objectives that can bring inspiration to work in a team that has a commitment to learning and personal and collective growth.

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