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Executive coaching – 1 on 1 coaching for executives, leaders and enterpreneurs

What are the results you want to achieve?

What kind of leader do you really want to be?

What is the vision that motivates you to act differently?

What is the level of personal mastery you want to acquire? How about for agility?

The added value I bring as a professional in the coaching process:

The whole picture

The systemic perspective, the overall image, the ability to see the whole and see the dynamics of the component parts and underlying structures, so you can find new solutions to old problems that you can simply and easily put into practice.

Personal mastery

In order to clarify and broaden your personal vision in a continuous way, by concentrating your energy, developing your patience and by an objective understanding of reality. I have met many people who once have reached a peak (their peak), have nothing to learn or develop. But I am honoured to accompany to the next level leaders who have the need or curiosity to be better and to face “their blind spots” (unproductive behaviours that are invisible to us but visible to others).

In my perspective, coaching is a type of professional relationship that allows you to communicate your perceptions and strategic questions to a professional who will not try to influence you, but will accompany you to find your own way at your own pace that serves the best the results you want to achieve.

Working with mental models

The challenge of those deeply rooted assumptions, generalizations or even images that influence the way of understanding the world and acting towards the vision you want.
Often, we are not aware of our mental patterns or the effects they have on our behaviour or on those around us. Many valuable ideas about our evolution, our team, the business, new markets, new products or changing existing organizational practices, fail when put into practice because of conflicts with powerful mental models. The discipline of working with mental models starts from looking inside.

In my perspective, coaching is a practice through which you look inside to see how you can act differently on the outside.

The architecture of a team coaching project:

The architecture of a team coaching process is closely related to the goals the team has
to achieve. They can be simpler or more complex architectures in terms
of steps that will be taken by the coach with the client team.

Do you want to know how to motivate others and yourself to achieve extraordinary results?

Do you want to act out of your fullness and potential?

Do you want to be a leader? Who wants to be led by you?

Do you want to be a leader? Who wants to be led by you?

Do you feel you can get significantly higher results than the ones you have now?

Do you lead the company / life / activity or does it lead you?

Do you want to change your life and positively influence the lives of others?

How do you know when to listen to your emotional and when to your rational side?

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