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Find out more about mentor coaching for ICF accreditation

Do you feel you can be a better coach? Or that you can accompany clients better in their journey to achieve the desired results?

Are you looking for a challenging partner for your development process in your coaching practice at individual or team level?

Do you consider that together with a mentor you can refine your coaching skills for the next level of ICF certification? (Associate Certified Coach ACC, Professional Certified Coach PCC, Master Certified Coach MCC)

The structure of a mentor coaching program:

Online individual process for a minimum of 3 months, that contains all
the elements you need before applying for ICF certification at ACC, PCC,

 10 hours of coaching and mentor coaching

 Listening to at least 8 coaching sessions,
of which at least 3 will require transcription

Results you can leave with from the mentoring process:

Clear learning objectives
and practice in your development
as a coach

The importance and use of
CCP markers defined
by ICF

Thorough study of ICF key
competences aligned with your own coaching style, individually or collectively
(as a team or group)

Practice, practice,

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