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Are you looking for a safe place to practice your coaching skills at a mastery level?

Do you need a working group to support you and your growth as a coach

Are you looking to be part of a coaching community of practice that can offer you resources and inspiration to deliver better coaching services on the market?

I am Rodica Obancea,

Master Certified Coach (MCC), Mentor Coach, with a coaching practice over 14 years and passionate about maximizing the impact of organizational change through coaching.

I am Daiana Stoicescu,

Master Certified Coach (MCC), Mentor Coach and passionate to discover new ways of being playful using the ICF Core Competencies

Regular training for mastery in coaching together with 2 MCC coach mentors

Benefits for enrolling in the practice group:

You will be connected on a monthly basis with the coaching profession at a mastery level

Continuous training and progress in the development of coaching skills

Recurrent practice supervised and accompanied by ICF core competencies

Working with 2 MCC certified mentor mentors (achieving the number of coaching mentors required for the ICF certification process)


Logistics for enrolment on the practice field:

Semi-open group dedicated to coaches in training or who have completed the training and want to move to the next level of their coaching practice, with recurring meetings, online, in a group of 7-10 participants

Recurrence of meetings: 2 meetings per month, of 2 hours each, Friday between 9:00 – 11:00 AM

The group will meet virtually, zoom or other online platform (Teams)

The mentoring coaching sessions will be conducted in Romanian (our intention is to create a practice group in English – we will make the announcement here on the site, when we have created a group in English)

Participation in the coaching mentor group may also require the presentation of recorded coaching sessions, conducted with real clients.

For counting group mentoring hours in this program for ICF certification, you can log 1 group session of 2 hours as 1 hour group mentoring. More information about ICF requirements in this regard: and

Grup session dates:

In 2021, we have the following data working together: 29.01.2021, 12.02.2021 and 26.02.2021, 12.03.2021 and 26.03.2021, 9.09.2021 and23.04.2021, 14.05.2021 and28.05.2021, 11.06.2021 and25.06.2021

You can come to all mentoring sessions or, just to specific sessions, in your own pace

The price of the mentoring group sessions is 100 Euro / person / meeting.

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When you have made the decision to train continuously as a coach, we invite you to enter the “field
training ”with us: You can contact us for your enrollment in the program
or to set up a meeting to find out all the information you need:


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