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Do you want to develop your team coaching practice and looking for a safe practice field to explore and build impactful competencies?

Join me on the practice field for team coaches!

This practice field is for you if you:

Work as individual coach and want to add team coaching competencie

Manage teams and want to have impactful team coaching interventions

Work with teams as facilitator, trainer or L&D consultant and want to add team coaching competencies

Work with teams as a coach and want to “sharpen you saw” in team coaching

Have a clear engagement for coaching by doing minimum of 4 hours per month

Tangible results possible to be achieve on the practice field:

Simple ways to coach teams with high impact in team’s performance and intelligence

Tangible team and group coaching processes

Useful team coaching competencies to accompany teams (embodies a team coach mindset, establishes and maintaining agreements, facilitating team learning and development, team dynamic, systemic approaches to teams…)

Specific options to contribute on creating necessary conditions for awareness, learning, focus on results, high performance in teamwork

Specific options in terms of behavior, mindset… to contribute on increasing collective awareness and intelligence


Logistics for enrolment on the practice field:

Length of the program: 6 months (2 online sessions /month of 2 consecutive hours, on Fridays between 9:00 – 11:00 AM EST or 8:00 – 10:00 AM EST).

The program starts when the group has enrolled minimum 6 participants – maximum number of participants is 10.

Price per program: 150 euro/session + VAT

Group number 2 starts on 3.09.2021 – 25.02.2022

Group number 3 will start on 4.03.2022 – 29.07.2022

Learning engagement: I will aligning yourself with simple rules for coaching for maximizing potential and investment.

“Mentoring for team coaching with Rodica is about actually experimenting team coaching both as coach and as team member in different set-ups. As in real life, with the benefit of a safe space for learning and development.It is about doing as well as about being a team coach. It surely isn’t about learning the theoretical concepts about team coaching.It is challenging and rewarding! (So not for everybody). I wholeheartedly recommend Rodica when you want to develop your team coaching skills and dive deeper into who you are as team coach!”

Magda Dorobantu – ACC

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