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Practice field for coaching or other desired behaviors in your organization

What behaviours do the employees in the organization consciously practice?

Are these the behaviours that serve to achieve the business goals?

What behaviours are validated, reiterated,
multiplied in the organization?

Do they serve the desired results in a sustainable manner or do they create also results that nobody wants?

How can you implement a practice ground?
How does the coaching occur?

The coaching ground in the organization is a space and time allocated in a coherent
way and focused on engaging the behaviours necessary to achieve the desired results in
the organization, team, department.

Relevant principles in implementing a coaching ground:

Predictability – Allocating a day or an hour, predictably, in a one-year or longer cycles, at a rate that supports learning the desired behaviours.

Collective and individual learning – in the training sessions both team level (collectively) and individual level learning are facilitated. Learning objectives are aligned with business goals and result from them, are aligned with the personal craftsmanship of each participant.

Collective leadership and autonomy of the practice community – training sessions develop specific behaviours of leadership, self-management and self-organization and accountability for learning and performance

The co-created learning environment involves the gradual implementation of several components that facilitate clear and autonomous thinking, the action having in mind the whole system (systemic thinking), strategic thinking

The mentality from which we will act in the training ground is continuous learning, personal mastery, openness, respect and curiosity.

Training and simulation practices and processes are simple and easy to multiply in every day activity outside of the training ground, both at the individual and team level.

Necessary steps for implementation

Acest proces poate fi desfasurat cu acompanierea coach-ului în toate sesiunile de antrenament
sau doar în cateva sesiuni, pentru stimularea autonomiei în invatare.

Step 1

A conversation with the sponsor and / or the participants (their representatives) setting the learning objectives, desired behaviours and measurable results. In this conversation we set the framework, we align ourselves in the process and in what steps we monitor progress, set the rhythm and other relevant issues.

Step 2

Training sessions within the agreed framework (sessions can  last 1, 2 or 3 days / month, but not less than 4 hours / month)

Step 3

To monitor progress
in the middle of the process and
set the next steps

Step 4

at the end of the training cycle (1 year) we evaluate the achieved results and establish
the next level of learning
for the participants

What are the possible results?

We have introduced practice ground in diverse organizations, simple behaviours related to the practice of coaching skills, for example, for all managers in the organization or simulation of relevant processes: sales process, decision making process, budgeting process, performance management process. The results we have noticed have been both at the level of a group of people (practical and new ways of action), but also individually achieved results (successful risky actions, changing concrete behaviours, truly desired results), reflective, questioning practices that no longer serve in reality, clear thinking, new solutions and perspectives, increased engagement and commitment.

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